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Hi! I'm Joanna (but feel free to call me Jo, we're all friends here!) I live in Birmingham, UK, I love gold things, polka dots, flowers and bunny rabbits. I've never been a woman of many words, I'm more of a thinker, which is why I think photography is so special to me. You can convey so much in a photo, without a single word. Photography is a feeling.

I'm passionate about photographing people - allowing them to appreciate themselves, their beauty and the precious moments that we capture together. Everyone deserves to have a beautiful portrait of themselves, whether it's an individual portrait or with a loved one.  Documenting that beauty as part of a wedding or event is just as precious - I capture the little moments that make your day special and unique, memories that might otherwise fade. Photos last a lifetime & allow you to treasure the feelings & experiences you're having at that moment the shutter goes.

I love that my job takes me to new places & I get to meet so many lovely people. The best part about it is when I photograph people that can't see how beautiful they are until they get in front of the camera! It is so rewarding to see people light up & to create something special for them to keep forever.

I love to travel so please don't hesitate to get in touch, no matter how far away you are!

Please get in touch with any enquiries

filling my new home with plants (& trying not to kill them)
rewatching criminal minds & friends
planning more travel adventures
rediscovering yoga (especially lovely for my achey wedding photographer back!)
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