My 30th Birthday Trip to Rome


Last Friday was my 30th birthday! I was lucky enough to celebrate it with a trip to Rome with my love, Joe. We had a wonderful time exploring this beautiful city, eating yummy Italian food & drinking lots of espresso! I couldn't have wished for a better way to begin my 30s. I made a simple little video to remember the trip so I thought I'd share it with you all!

Sam & Hayley - Sandon Hall Wedding Photographer


Back in October I headed to one of my favourite venues, Sandon Hall, for Sam & Hayley's wedding day. What a beautiful day it was, perfect autumn weather & the classic setting Sandon provided was just a joy to capture. This couple are two of the kindest souls, Hayley is such a caring person & wanted to make sure everyone was ok and enjoying themselves on her big day. I couldn't get enough of Sam's cheeky personality & that came across in the photos, I just love how much fun they both had! Take a look at my highlights from the day!

Venue - Sandon Hall      Flowers - Alison O'Mara    Make Up - Callie Jo Bakewell     Hair - Lindsay Warbuton     Dress - Princess Brides

Rupert Worton - Staffordshire Family Portrait Photographer

This family session was a little bit special to my heart. I had the pleasure of photographing Rupert's mum & dad's wedding in the summer of 2016 (& I also went to college with Laura so we go back many years!) So when they asked me to come and take some photos of their precious little boy, I felt truly honoured. Roo came into this world a little earlier than expected & has been a total trooper. He's grown so strong & is the sweetest, happy little boy. You HAVE to check out Laura's instagram for lots more adorable photos of Rupert & his many handsome outfits!

I love doing at-home sessions like this. I got to photograph all the little details in the home that are precious to the story of Roo & I find it brings another level of intimacy to the shoot. Here are some of my favourites from the session.

Goals for 2018


Happy New Year! The start of a new year is one of my favourite times. I love to reassess my goals, reflect on what I've learnt & achieved in the past year & feel positive for the year ahead. So today I wanted to share a few of my personal goals for this year.

1. Be more conscious of my spending

In the past I've definitely been guilty of spending without thinking & buying things I don't need! This year I really want to get on top of my finances & be more responsible with how I spend (and save!) my money. I've been pretty bad at buying groceries without a plan of what meals I'm going to make & often end up wasting food. Making meal plans & only buying the groceries I need for those recipes helps me save money & be less wasteful.

I decided a couple of months ago to stop buying clothes from high street/fast fashion stores to discourage those impulse clothing buys & with the aim to support other companies who run their businesses in sustainable, conscious ways. Aside from voting politically, one of the best ways to influence the world around us is where we put our money. So I aim to really know who I'm giving my money to this year & how it will benefit not just my bank balance & future, but the future of the world!

2. Get healthy!

A total new years cliche, I know, but I really want to focus on getting into a balanced routine with exercise, diet and self care. I want to prioritise down time, less time spent on computers and phones, more time really relaxing & being present with loved ones. Diet wise I eat fairly well already but snacking is my downfall! I want to treat my body better so, there'll be a few less oreos this year for me! It's been a while since I've had a solid regular exercise routine so I'm starting with a commitment to 3 workouts a week in hopes of a healthier body and mind!

3. make time for hobbies

I feel like I often try to get into new hobbies or back into old ones but life soon takes over & I end up not leaving any time to spend on anything other than work, socialising & Netflix! This year I would love to carve out some dedicated time to get back into old hobbies such as music & jewellery making. This will also contribute to goal no.2 as it'll be great for my mental health!


What are your goals for the year ahead? How are you going to challenge yourself? Let's do this!!

2017 Highlights

What an amazing year it's been! I feel so incredibly grateful for each and every wedding & special memory that I've been a part of this year. So many wonderful couples, amazing travels, new cultures, beautiful sights & to top it all off, I became an aunt! Here are a few of my highlights of the year. Thank you to all of my couples this year & to my friends and family who continue to be my cheerleaders & such an amazing support system! 

Ottilie - Family Portraits in Lichfield

I love doing sweet & simple family portrait sessions like this one! A couple of weeks ago I headed over to Lichfield to this lovely family's home to take some photos of Pippa, Josh & their beautiful little girl. Ottilie was such a perfect little model, so smiley & a joy to photograph! Just look at that cheeky face! So adorable!