Nicola & Lee - Autumn Portrait Photography in Derbyshire

A couple of weeks ago I met up with Nicola & Lee to do some cosy, autumnal portraits of the two of them. Nicola came armed with a load of cute props & we had so much fun chatting & shooting sweet photos in the later October sunlight! What a beautiful day it was!

Coffee Break - My Tips for a Positive Mindset


1. Take time to focus on the things you want in life

Something I've started to do recently is start my day once a week by spending about 30 mins adding to my digital vision board on pinterest. I used to make physical vision boards & found them to be really useful in helping me focus on the things I want for my life. I find if I spend time at least once a week finding visual symbols of things I want for myself - whether its work related, home life, travel, health.. it really helps me feel clear and positive about what I'm working towards. The idea is that the more you visualise the things you want, the more likely they are to manifest! Whether you believe in the law of attraction or not, I think it's a great way to start off the day, soaking all the good thoughts into your mind. You might prefer to use a physical pin board but pinterest makes it super easy to create different vision boards and find endless inspiration at your fingertips!





2. Exercise

This one is something I definitely struggle with! Getting into the habit of a good workout routine is hard sometimes. However I notice a huge difference in my mindset if I get regular exercise. It's a well known fact that exercise releases endorphins, so it's a no brainer if you're needing a bit of a positivity kick, you should get moving! I've been trying to fit in at least 3 workouts a week & also try to do these in the morning as I know I'll struggle to get motivated to exercise as the day goes on! It's a great way to start your day & get your energy flowing.


3. Make lists

When my head feels really muddled & I'm overwhelmed with all the things I need to get done, I find it really helpful to write things down! To-do lists help me keep a clear focus on what needs doing & what has priority over other tasks. It helps me make sure I'm not just working aimlessly or pottering around my home not really getting any chores done & ensures I don't forget anything that needs doing. I also find it satisfying and rewarding to cross things off when they're completed! When writing your to-do list for the day, try not to write EVERYTHING down that you need to do. You might end up feeling even more overwhelmed if you see a massive, long list in front of you. I try to think of 4 or 5 tasks which are most important for me to tackle that day. Then if I complete the list & get any extra things done, I'll feel even better!


4. Have some YOU time

This is something I definitely need to stay sane! I'm an introvert so alone time is essential for me to recharge and feel myself. Fitting this time in isn't always easy but it's something I'm really trying to prioritise. Whether its a pamper session & a movie, lighting some candles & listening to a podcast/audiobook with a glass of wine (or more likely for me, a cup of tea!) I try to carve out some time for this once a week to reset my internal batteries.


What do you do to keep a positive mindset?


Neil & Rowenna - Elixir Ibiza Destination Wedding Photographer

This was a definite highlight of my summer. At the beginning of July I travelled to Ibiza for Neil & Rowenna's wedding. This lovely pair were so open & bubbly, I felt like their friend by the end of the day. The day was set in the most beautiful spot, Elixir with gorgeous views of a quiet beach & the sea. The whole day was pinterest worthy, with rose gold, glittery details! My favourite! It was an incredibly relaxed day, the perfect beachy vibe. The only hiccup was when the bride's car broke down on the way to the venue!! Luckily they found a very kind lady who gave them a lift & they arrived with smiles on their faces, ready to celebrate. Rowenna looked stunning in her Catherine Deane gown & I loved Neil's Tom Ford suit, with details to match the bridesmaid dresses. I have to give their videographer, Ana Marina Sanz a shout out, for being my taxi & buddy for the day. Her work is amazing so definitely check her out!

Coffee Break - My Business Inspirations


Being a business owner is quite the rollercoaster. All my life I always imagined working for myself. I loved the idea of doing a job I was passionate about, on my own terms. That’s exactly what I’m doing now! My dreams and goals have evolved over the years, that’s partly what makes it exciting. It’s a really wonderful thing to be able to work for yourself, doing something you love. However at times it can also be a bit daunting. I’m sure any small business owner can attest to the stresses & the feeling of wondering if you’re doing it all right at times! So for me it’s been really helpful to have some people & places to look to for some inspiration & direction when I need it.


Being a female wedding photographer, I have been drawn to strong creative business women as role models. Today I thought I’d share those women with you!


Jenna Kutcher

Jenna is a wedding photographer who also shares a lot of educational & motivational content either through her podcast or her online courses. I love Jenna's honest and positive approach & her podcast has been a source of endless inspiration & direction for me in my business!


Jasmine Star

Another wedding photographer, Jasmine is somewhat of a superstar in the wedding industry. Again, her honest & upbeat attitude is what draws me to her, if you need a bit of a virtual pep talk, Jasmine is your girl! Jasmine did a 30 day wedding photography workshop on CreativeLive which I found to be so valuable in terms of how to approach each part of a wedding photography business & also for inspiration. I highly recommend checking it out for any fellow wedding photographers out there!


Carrie Green

The founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association, Carrie is a huge advocate for all the girl bosses out there! I recently listened to her audiobook She Means Business & it filled me with so much new knowledge and motivation for my business.  If you buy the book you also get access to her 28 day business challenge. This can be applied to any type of business & you can currently get the kindle version of her book for $1, I'd say that's a no brainer for all that information!


Gala Darling

Gala is someone I've followed for many years & always admired how she lives her life unapologetically. She is all about having love for yourself, breaking down any negative blocks and going after your dream life. It's so easy to let your anxieties and insecurities take over, so for me, Gala has been a source to help me snap out of any negative mindset I might have. Check out her blog for a ton of inspiration for all aspects in life.


Who are your inspirations? Feel free to share your positive influencers in the comments!

Janeice & Deb - Kenilworth Castle Wedding Photographer

Janeice & Deb were guests at a wedding I photographed a couple of years ago, so I was really excited when they asked me to capture their day at the beautiful Kenilworth Castle! Such a breathtaking backdrop for a celebration of love. Janeice & Deb were full of laughter all throughout the day & I felt truly welcomed by their friends and family. It was such a joy to be there, part of their special day. As I'm sure you'll be able to tell by the photos, Kip the dog was the star of the day, stealing hearts all over the place, including mine!

Coffee Break - My Travel Goals

Travel is such an important part of my life. I find it so refreshing and inspiring to visit new places, see beautiful architecture & stunning views in nature. One of the reasons I love destination weddings so much is that it takes me to places I might not otherwise go & I get to experience the different celebration cultures around the world.


I thought I'd just share a few of my travel goals for the future with you all today!

1. Rome

I'm so very excited to have a trip to Rome booked in with my boyfriend for my birthday in January! It's been at the top of my list of places to visit for such a long time so to finally have it booked in is such a joy! I cannot wait to see all the beautiful monuments.. the colloseum... the trevi fountain - to name a couple.  What a way to celebrate my 30th birthday!

2. Banff, Canada

There are many places in Canada I'm dying to visit but Banff has to take the top spot right now. After visiting Switzerland this summer, I'm itching to visit more places with stunning mountainous views! I love city breaks but there's something so invigorating about being out in the open countryside. Those crystal blue lakes, log cabins & snowcapped mountains just look breathtaking!


3. mykonos

After visting Santorini a couple of years ago, I've been dying to explore Mykonos. Those white walls & blue domed roofs, the incredible sunsets and so many greek boutiques to discover. I've heard that Mykonos is a bit more lively than Santorini so I'd be interested to visit and see the differences for myself. When I'm in need of a chilled holiday, that's where I'll be heading!


Where are your travel destination goals? If anyone has any recommendations for things to do in Rome, please feel free to share in the comments!