Daniel - Family Portraits in Sussex

A couple of weeks ago I visited my good friend, Anna in Sussex. She has a beautiful little girl, Lola & she had mentioned my work to a couple of her friends at the nursery she takes Lola to. So Anna kindly arranged a day for us all to meet up & for me to take some family portraits of them all! It was a lovely day - the weather was stunning & we went to a beautiful park to take the photos. I thought it worked quite well having more than one family there at the same time as whenever one of the little ones needed some food or was getting bored & restless, we could just move onto the next family for a little while & take it in turns to get some nice relaxed shots. 

The first set I'm going to share is Daniel & his lovely Mum & Dad!  He was so adorable, such a happy little baby & wonderful to photograph. Take a look for yourself!

Daniel 4 web.jpg
Daniel 3 web.jpg
Daniel 6 web.jpg
Daniel 1 web.jpg
Daniel 7 web.jpg
Daniel 2 web.jpg

Joanna Briggs

Joanna Briggs Photography, solihull