Rachel - Portrait Photography in London

This portrait session with Rachel was so fun! Rachel is a fashion stylist in London & she asked me to take some shots of her for her website. I had met Rachel already a few years back at London Fashion Week. She's the loveliest lady, so sweet & such a beautiful, calming spirit.

Of course, being a stylist, she had the most amazing clothes on hand for the shoot! Her spare room was choc-a-block with clothes & beautiful accessories! 

We went out onto the streets outside her home in Central London & had fun playing around with different shots. 

Here are the results! What a babe! xo

ps. can we all take a moment to appreciate this wall below?! Maybe its just me, maybe I'm a weirdo but, I think that is a mighty fine wall to take photos in front of!  Yeah I'm probably a bit of a weirdo.. 

Rachel 13 web.jpg
Rachel 18 web.jpg
Rachel 15 web.jpg
Rachel 24 web.jpg
Rachel 23 web.jpg
Rachel 22 web.jpg
Rachel 7 web.jpg
Rachel 9 web.jpg
Rachel 21 web.jpg
Rachel 2 web.jpg
Rachel 26 web.jpg

Joanna Briggs

Joanna Briggs Photography, solihull