Moving into Medium Format

For a long time I've loved the colours, tones and the feel that you get from film photography. Since photographing weddings, the photographers that I tend to follow have switched from fashion photographers to wedding and portrait photographers. I noticed that I was drawn to work that had been shot on medium format film. So I started looking at what cameras those photographers used and what I could possibly start with. I decided to find myself a Mamiya 645. It's a beauty! I'm so excited to take this with me to my weddings and shoots this year and see what I can do with it. So far it's been interesting to see how shooting on film slows me down and really makes me consider everything in a photo, as I don't have the luxury to snap away and just choose the best one like I do with digital. Perhaps that will make me slow down with my digital work too and make every shot have a decided purpose. Having this new area to explore has inspired me so much, I feel so excited to learn and push myself more as a photographer. 

This week I went round to my beautiful friend Tash's home and took some portraits of her for a little practise! Shot on Kodak Portra 400 and Ilford Delta 3200. 

Joanna Briggs

Joanna Briggs Photography, solihull