Coffee Break - My Travel Goals

Travel is such an important part of my life. I find it so refreshing and inspiring to visit new places, see beautiful architecture & stunning views in nature. One of the reasons I love destination weddings so much is that it takes me to places I might not otherwise go & I get to experience the different celebration cultures around the world.


I thought I'd just share a few of my travel goals for the future with you all today!

1. Rome

I'm so very excited to have a trip to Rome booked in with my boyfriend for my birthday in January! It's been at the top of my list of places to visit for such a long time so to finally have it booked in is such a joy! I cannot wait to see all the beautiful monuments.. the colloseum... the trevi fountain - to name a couple.  What a way to celebrate my 30th birthday!

2. Banff, Canada

There are many places in Canada I'm dying to visit but Banff has to take the top spot right now. After visiting Switzerland this summer, I'm itching to visit more places with stunning mountainous views! I love city breaks but there's something so invigorating about being out in the open countryside. Those crystal blue lakes, log cabins & snowcapped mountains just look breathtaking!


3. mykonos

After visting Santorini a couple of years ago, I've been dying to explore Mykonos. Those white walls & blue domed roofs, the incredible sunsets and so many greek boutiques to discover. I've heard that Mykonos is a bit more lively than Santorini so I'd be interested to visit and see the differences for myself. When I'm in need of a chilled holiday, that's where I'll be heading!


Where are your travel destination goals? If anyone has any recommendations for things to do in Rome, please feel free to share in the comments!