Coffee Break - My Business Inspirations


Being a business owner is quite the rollercoaster. All my life I always imagined working for myself. I loved the idea of doing a job I was passionate about, on my own terms. That’s exactly what I’m doing now! My dreams and goals have evolved over the years, that’s partly what makes it exciting. It’s a really wonderful thing to be able to work for yourself, doing something you love. However at times it can also be a bit daunting. I’m sure any small business owner can attest to the stresses & the feeling of wondering if you’re doing it all right at times! So for me it’s been really helpful to have some people & places to look to for some inspiration & direction when I need it.


Being a female wedding photographer, I have been drawn to strong creative business women as role models. Today I thought I’d share those women with you!


Jenna Kutcher

Jenna is a wedding photographer who also shares a lot of educational & motivational content either through her podcast or her online courses. I love Jenna's honest and positive approach & her podcast has been a source of endless inspiration & direction for me in my business!


Jasmine Star

Another wedding photographer, Jasmine is somewhat of a superstar in the wedding industry. Again, her honest & upbeat attitude is what draws me to her, if you need a bit of a virtual pep talk, Jasmine is your girl! Jasmine did a 30 day wedding photography workshop on CreativeLive which I found to be so valuable in terms of how to approach each part of a wedding photography business & also for inspiration. I highly recommend checking it out for any fellow wedding photographers out there!


Carrie Green

The founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association, Carrie is a huge advocate for all the girl bosses out there! I recently listened to her audiobook She Means Business & it filled me with so much new knowledge and motivation for my business.  If you buy the book you also get access to her 28 day business challenge. This can be applied to any type of business & you can currently get the kindle version of her book for $1, I'd say that's a no brainer for all that information!


Gala Darling

Gala is someone I've followed for many years & always admired how she lives her life unapologetically. She is all about having love for yourself, breaking down any negative blocks and going after your dream life. It's so easy to let your anxieties and insecurities take over, so for me, Gala has been a source to help me snap out of any negative mindset I might have. Check out her blog for a ton of inspiration for all aspects in life.


Who are your inspirations? Feel free to share your positive influencers in the comments!