Introducing My New Packaging for 2019

When this beautiful package arrived this week I was jumping for joy! Earlier this autumn I travelled up to Manchester for an exciting meeting to discuss the details for my new packaging. I was so happy to be able to create something tailored to exactly how I wanted to present my couples their wedding photos. Every detail is perfect, just as I’d imagined. I’m so excited for each of my 2019 couples to receive their photos in this package, complete with a selection of fine art prints & the full gallery on USB.

It’s moments like this that make me pause and reflect on how my business has evolved and grown over the years. From simple homemade packaging to this - a gorgeous bespoke bundle.

Joanna Briggs Packaging-9.jpg
Joanna Briggs Packaging-2.jpg
Joanna Briggs Packaging-5.jpg
Joanna Briggs Packaging-1.jpg
Joanna Briggs Packaging-10.jpg
Joanna Briggs Packaging-6.jpg