Tips for beautiful Bridal Prep photos


On the morning of your wedding you'll be filled with excitement and anticipation for what's to come. You'll be pampered and surrounded by your best people, with bubbly at hand to calm those nerves. Here are a few tips to help get beautiful photos to reflect those special memories of your wedding morning.

When deciding on where you’re going to get ready, it really helps to look out for big windows & a room that isn’t cluttered/has plenty of space. This will allow your photographer to get those beautiful, clean detail shots & the perfect photos of you getting into your dress, without any distractions in the background. Lots of natural light is not just a big help for good photos but your make up artist will also thank you!

It’s also a great idea to get matching dressing gowns for your bridesmaids. Not only does this make for lovely photos but it’s the perfect keepsake for your girls to remember the day by.

Have all your jewellery & accessories (shoes, veil, garter, perfume, etc.) kept together near your dress. This makes it quicker and easier to get beautiful detail shots of all those special pieces you've chosen to have as part of your day.

Lastly, try to relax and have fun! This one may be easier said than done for some, but enjoy and savour every moment leading up to walking down that aisle. You're going to look beautiful & it's going to be the best day of your life!

bridal prep tips.jpg