Most often I will be with one half of the couple, and you'll be with the other (usually the groom). Because of this, during the morning you you will be on your own, so this is when I rely on you most. I will inform you prior to the wedding of where you need to be and when, and what you need to be shooting. Whoever you're shooting with will know when you are arriving, so please make sure to do so promptly to allow time to introduce yourself, and familiarise yourself with the surroundings.

I always try to work unobtrusively, but this doesn't mean you need to hide away. Feel free to chat with everyone and move around as much as you need, keeping a clam, relaxed and friendly approach. This will help to relax everyone there, and help you capture more natural photos.

If you need to move any items for detail shots try to find somewhere with natural and even light, with a simple neutral coloured and non-distracting background. If the rooms lights are overpowering or too warm toned I will often turn these off so I am only capturing natural light from the window. Make sure to try and capture a few different layouts with all the details. Feel free to move things around to get the best layout. Please be careful though, and don't take unnecessary risks, like hanging things where they may get dirty. Always make sure to put everything back where you found it.

Aside from capturing the details, please shoot as candidly as possible. Try to find neutral, even light and capture key moments like ties being put on, cufflinks being done up, and the atmosphere of the morning.

If they're willing, please take some simple portraits of the groom by himself once dressed.


You will likely arrive at the ceremony location before me. Please take photos of the ceremony set up, ensuring a good variety in angles, wide and close ups.

It's also helpful to get establishing shots of the venue- a few exterior shots, the orders of service, etc

Please shoot candids of the guests arriving and a few posed photos of the groom with the best man, parents etc if time and location allows. Please capture some candids of the guests as they arrive.

Most often you will be positioned at the back of the ceremony. Once I'm at the front, please try to capture the bride and bridal party before they come in last minute adjustments, smiles, moments with each other or the father of the bride etc. You can either do this outside and then come inside just before they do, or sometimes it's possible to capture this from your position at the back. Once the bridal party have passed you, please try and capture the groom's face on a long lens. This is often a really important photo so try to be ready for it!

I try not to move around during the ceremony, especially if there are two of us. So try to avoid moving, and use a longer lens to capture more variety.

I don't need lots of photos from the back. A selection of wide photos showing the room and couple, some close-ups once they turn to face each other/ during the vows and rings, and then the first kiss and walking back down the aisle would be great. Any guest reactions you can get in there too would be wonderful.

After the ceremony, please shoot candids of guests congratulating the couple.




Please capture photos of food/ drinks and people mingling during this time. Sometimes I'll ask a caterer who's walking around with canapés if I can grab a photo of their tray. As with everything, look for genuine reactions and movement to bring life to your photographs.

Feel free to ask families/couples/groups of friends if they'd like a quick posed photo. These shots can be so valuable to the couple.


During the speeches I will concentrate mostly on the top table and speakers, so it's helpful if you can focus mainly on the guest's reactions or some alternative angles.

Please be discreet whenever you are moving as we don't want to block anyone's view of the speeches or distract attention from the speakers. We want to capture as many lovely reactions as possible. Try to shoot laughter, toasts, tears etc.





Generally I will be able to photograph decorations, props, signage and the dinner room set up, but if time is tight I might ask you to do this. It never hurts to have duplicates of these things, so if it seems like I'm not going to have time, a helpful thing to do is to quickly go around the venue and photograph things before they get used (unless there's something more important to capture).

General Shooting Preferences

  • Preferred focal length - 50mm for portraits, candids & details. 35mm for establishing shots, groups & dancing. 85mm (or more) for speeches and ceremony shots. Please use this as a guide, use your judgement and utilise whatever kit you have that will work best for the surroundings and scenario.
  • Where possible please shoot around f2 unless shooting larger group shots or details that may require a higher aperture
  • A mix of portrait and landscape orientation shots is great (although I tend to favour portrait shots)

Thank you so much for your help!

I'm so looking forward to working with you! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.