As a wedding & portrait photographer myself, I know how time consuming editing can be. Particularly in the height of wedding season, you can be chained to your desk, while your friends and family are enjoying their weekends and time in the lovely English (ahem..) summer weather! I appreciate how hard it can be to let go of the control over something so important as your editing. You want it to be the perfect finishing touch to your process & you may feel like outsourcing would mean you compromise on consistency or quality. My aim with A Tailored Edit is to take away those worries by investing time in the beginning to really get a good understanding of the look you want to achieve. We’ll get deep about your personal preferences, with visual references & an initial skype meeting to ensure your goals are communicated clearly.

Rather than having your photos churned through a big editing company, I only take on a small number of editing clients per year, to ensure each one is taken care of fully, but still in a timely manner.

How It Works

Private Photo Editor for Wedding Photographers

Prep your files & send them over in a Lightroom Catalog with smart previews, along with your custom preset if you have one.

Private Photo Editor for Wedding Photographers

Sit back & relax while your photos are edited!

Private Photo Editor for Wedding Photographers

Download your edits, ready to export and deliver to your client. Feedback is welcomed on all orders to ensure each gallery is consistent to your style.

"Jo has been a godsend, I've tried different editing companies over the years and have never been 100% satisfied but a friend recommended I try Jo's service 'A Tailored Edit' and she is the absolute perfect fit for my work. Her editing is beautiful, she is a total professional, lovely to deal with and super-efficient. Jo's editing service meant that my clients didn't have to wait as long to see their full galleries and that my husband and children actually got to see me occasionally!"

—Jo Bradbury Photography

Services & Pricing
Private Photo Editor for Wedding Photographers

Colour Correction

25p per image

Application of your desired Lightroom preset - ensuring consistency throughout the entire gallery

Digital matched to your film

Basic adjustments included - exposure, contrast, cropping & straightening

Lightroom catalog ready for you to export

Private Photo Editor for Wedding Photographers


from £1 per image

Removal of unwanted aspects of image

Blemishes, distracting reflections, fire exit signs, etc.

"Working with Jo is so beautifully simple! Once you’re all set up, it takes seconds to send over work to her and she always has it back so quickly. I’m always so pleased with the work she does and she often edits things better than I would have in the first place! Working with Jo has given me my life back. No more long evenings in front of my laptop smoothing skin and editing out spots - life-changing!"

—Suzi Bird

Join the waiting list

My client list for editing is currently full, however this changes from month to month/season to season, so please register your interest below to be added to my waiting list.