I'm SO excited to be working with you!

We’re going to make photographs that speak to the heart and soul of who you & your family are - I can’t tell you how excited that makes me.

This little guide is just to say a warm hello and give you some more information about what our experience together will be like.

We’ll talk prep, wardrobe, other odds and ends, and get excited for our time together. I can’t wait!


We’re going to take photos, but what will it actually be like?

We’re going to strike a balance between posing you so you look beautiful (I promise you will!) and letting things unfold naturally so we capture the real you.

You don’t have to worry about managing your kids at ALL during the shoot. That’s my job! Your job is to show up ready to show how you love your favourite people.

We’ll spend up to two hours making photos together. If there are specific things you love doing together, like cooking or reading, we can incorporate those into our session.

Once the film has been developed & scanned, all images are carefully hand edited & delivered within 2 weeks of your session.


We’ll start with the whole group smiling for the grandparents, so it works best if everyone is ready right when I get there.

If we're shooting in your home, I’d love to have free reign to photograph in your whole entire house so anything you don’t want photographed can be stored in rooms without windows.

We’ll want as much light inside as possible for the most luminous, flattering results, so open curtains, pull up blinds and all window coverings

Light is key in photographs, so we’ll schedule our session based around when the light is brightest in your home. Most often my clients like to schedule a couple hours before sunset so we can start inside and end the session outside in the garden or another location and get delicious glowy evening light as well, but early risers might opt for a sunrise shoot! 

The same goes if we're shooting at an outdoor location - sunrise or sunset is best!

What to Wear

Texture and clothes that move are the camera’s best friend (think linen, loose cotton, knit, flowy dresses, etc.)

Don’t be afraid of print and colour, but opt for smaller prints rather than larger prints.

Less formal looks lend themselves to more comfort & more authenticity for everyone to move, cuddle, run, and be themselves.

Bare feet look best indoors (and outdoors!)

Babies (1 year and under) look best in a simple short sleeved vest, dungarees/overalls or just a nappy cover/shorts (let's see those thigh rolls!!) Separates often end up getting bunched up when you hold little ones.

Avoid anything with words/logos

When in doubt - keep things simple - pick out neutral tones that compliment each other

You definitely don't need to buy anything new for your session, but if you want to treat yourself - my favorite sources for clothes for portrait sessions: Zara, Mango & ASOS