What to Wear

When you start to think about what to wear for your shoot, the first thing you should consider is what you'll feel your best in. This is key to getting beautiful photos of you - you need to FEEL beautiful! We'll have time for two outfits so I recommend choosing something casual and a 2nd, more formal outfit. It’s important to choose items of clothing that fit well together & colours that compliment each other.

Neutral colours work really well in the autumn, whether that’s creams, earthy tones, greys or blacks. In the warmer months it’s nice to go for pastel tones, blush pinks, crisp whites & denim. 

When planning what to wear, it helps if you lay out all your outfits together to see if they work together. A uniformed/complimentary colour palette makes a photo look so much more styled & well put together.

Consider where you’re doing the shoot. If it’s going to be at home then think about what colours would go with your home decor.

Patterned clothing can be really fun for kids and family photos, just try to keep everything in colour ways that fit together.

Where to do your shoot

Deciding where to have your shoot will have a big impact on how your photos look. We can either do your session in your own home or in an outdoor location of your choice. You might have a place that's particularly special or sentimental to you. If you're not sure, I'd be happy to recommend some options. Wherever you decide on, I'll be looking for where the best light is in that location on the day of your shoot. So don't worry about specific spots in your location - leave it to me to find where will make the most beautiful photos.

What time to shoot

Lighting is everything in a photo. If we're planning on shooting outdoors, I'll recommend we do the shoot about an hour before sunset. This is when the sun is lowest in the sky, creating soft, golden light. It's the most flattering time of day to capture portraits outdoors.

If we're shooting indoors, the time of day matters a lot less. Window light tends to be soft and diffused so we can shoot at any time of day indoors and get beautiful lighting. If you want to take some photos out in your garden too, I'd recommend still doing the shoot later in the day to ensure we get that beautiful dreamy golden light.